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Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Brandy Cask Finish



Flavor wise, Brandy Cask Finish delivers a pleasant surprise. The flavor profile is one solidly rooted in the Woodford’s lineage, but enhanced to pull a more fruit forward flavor profile vs the more predominant grain found in standard Woodford Reserve.

  • 750.0ml bottle – from $105
Bourbon /45.2% ABV / Kentucky, United States
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Brandy Cask Bourbon Blend

Brandy Cask Bourbon Blend, From the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection, this can be a KY bourbon ended in yank John Barleycorn casks for up to 2 years. The nose is slightly woody, with aromas of chocolate, cinnamon and light-weight caramel. On the surface there are notes of raisins, figs and ripe banana, with spicy cake and exciting caramel and vanilla notes. The finish is light and woody, an extended lingering finish that doesn’t overpower.

whereas the nose and palate do a decent job of serving to highlight the brandy finishing on the whiskey, the finish jogs my memory a lot of of a typical Woodford Reserve finish. Gone is that the berry sweetness found within the nose and palate. Instead, a lingering buttery end is gift that has a fast hit of inexperienced apple, hay, grass, and dried raisins before slowly mellowing intent on light oak. It peters out into a drier astringent note, which nearly ruins the entire experience. fortunately whiskeys aren’t determined once only one sip. once sitting with it for a minute and obtaining acclimated to it, the astringent note becomes less and fewer irresistible and a lot of a small flaw instead of one thing that actually takes faraway from the experience.

Flavor wise, Brandy Cask end delivers a nice surprise. the flavour profile is one solidly stock-still within the Woodford’s lineage, however increased to drag a a lot of fruit forward flavor profile vs the more predominant grain found in standard Woodford Reserve. whereas Woodford Reserve is typically nothing to write down home about, the John Barleycorn finishing ever slightly enhances it into a more exciting product. it’s going to not blow you away, but in an exceedingly aspect by side comparison to straightforward Woodford Reserve, it’s positively a more pleasant drinking experience.


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